Cambridge Training Academy

A leading training academy based in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Our mission is to provide world-class training to build a competent workforce and motivate performance and innovation in our client organisations. CTA offers a wide catalogue of training programmes to enterprises of different sizes and industry sectors. Our highly qualified team has a collaborative experience of over than 36 years in providing training and development services to international organisations and businesses of various sectors.

CTA can deliver an all-encompassing training with our highly-active and internationally-renowned speakers group that consists of more than 450 presenters, trainers and consultants. Our comprehensive training programmes have been developed to focus on the proven methods to drive profitability and operational performance for businesses of different sizes and across major sectors.

Courses from the Cambridge Training Academy are distinguished for the solid knowledge of our instructors and the practical content. We do not teach courses that are merely based on theoretical knowledge. Our courses will empower you with rapid knowledge and skill deployment with immediate benefit in the workplace. We believe in ‘No One Size Fits All’ and our training courses can be designed and tailored to each department or sector.