Unparalleled level of service

Cambridge Training Academy delivers an unparalleled portfolio of programmes offered in training courses and forum formats. Our programmes have been carefully planned to adapt rapid technological advancement and fast-changing workplace.

We take real interest in your training and emphasise on practice not theory. Our training courses are distinguished by their interactive and engaging training style to positively impact learning retention. We deliver training in small class sizes to ensure the quality of interaction between instructors and learners.

We also run interactive and audience-led forums to encourage collaboration and sharing of practical experiences. Our forum events provide the opportunity to meet and listen to renowned speakers and participate in open discussions. The main goal of our forums is to provide the medium for thoughtful discussion and the exchange of views and experiences.

In-House Bespoke Training

We can deliver our training courses in your organisation or we can set up bespoke courses at any venue or location that suits you. Whichever location you choose, our skilled experts will tailor the structure and content of our training courses to meet your organisation needs. We will work closely with your organisation to design and deliver training courses adapted to your specifications.

Our training courses are carefully planned to be taught in bite-size chunks making it easier for your staff to maximise value. The contents of our courses can be dynamically adjusted to meet the specific requirements of a department or sector. There is real emphasis on confidentiality on our courses to enable discussion on organisational scope.

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