How are you protecting your organisation against cyber attacks?

With cyber attacks on the rise, cyber security is currently the highest-priority field in technology. It is vital that organisations from across all sectors develop the knowledge and skills to counter cyber threats. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, organisations have no other choice but to elevate their preparedness to successfully tackle threats. Organisations face the challenge to form and sustain a digital culture that is resilient to cyber threats.

How can we help?

We provide cyber security training courses to public and private organisations and information security professionals from across all major sectors. Our training courses are designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Hands-on training workshops to maximise value
  • Interactive and engaging content to positively impact learning retention
  • Practical and updated curriculum to align with challenges and trends
  • Rapid knowledge deployment with immediate benefit in the workplace
  • Adaptive course structures to respond to organisation’s needs

Our Cyber Security Programme falls into the five training themes outlined below. Each theme is split into different skill levels ranging from baseline to more specialised topics in cyber security. The cyber security programme is structured into three main stages: Primary, Advanced and Expert.

Our CSE training course series is for learners looking to establish a solid foundation in the cyber security field. You will learn the essential skills required to further progress in more advanced cyber security topics.

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The ACD courses are designed for IT and security professionals who need to advance their career and skills in the field of cyber security. Our ACD training courses are grounded in real-world applications and hands-on practice, covering subjects from intrusion detection and penetration testing to securing systems and applications.

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Our IRF training courses provide you with the cutting-edge techniques to be proactive rather than reactive in your response to cyber incidents. Our courses are career-focused, designed to equip you with the skills to effectively and professionally investigate criminal cyber activity.

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Our CSM training courses are designed for IT Security Managers. The CSM courses provide the opportunity to critically study the landscape of cyber security issues and threats facing modern organisations. You will be equipped with the practical knowledge to create a solid cyber security foundation in your organisation.

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Cyber awareness training is of a paramount importance to guard your organisation against cyber threats. Human error is a major contributing factor to cyber breaches. Therefor people have a vital role to play as a human wall alongside the technology firewalls.

Our CAS training courses will help promote and sustain a cyber security culture in your organisation. The CAS training courses have been developed to improve staff engagement and change their online behaviour to accomplish a sustained security awareness.

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