Active Cyber Defence (ACD)

Stand up to cyber security breaches more effectively

Organisations need security experts with a proactive stance by giving much-needed insight into cyber threats before attacks occur. There is a shortfall of 1.8 million IT security professionals expected by 2022. Theoretical and textbook-based examples of how to tackle security threats continue to plague the content provided by many cyber security training courses.

We can help you be primed and ready to tackle cyber threats

Our Active Cyber Defence (ACD) training suite aimed to sharpen the skills and knowledge base of learners. All our cyber security training courses are designed with practicality first in mind. Our ACD training courses are grounded in real-world applications and hands-on practice.

The ACD courses are designed for IT and security professionals who need to advance their career and skills in the field of cyber security. We strongly recommend that IT professionals cover the essentials of cyber security prior to registering in the ACD training courses. Our CSE training courses can help you build your cyber security essential skills before progressing to the ACD training courses.