Incident Response and Forensics (IRF)

Are you ready to respond to a cyber incident?

Organisations of all sizes and sectors could be the target of cyber attacks. Lack of trained professionals who can respond to complex threats can leave a hole in the cyber security fabric of your organisation. Complex large-scale cyber attacks can be unavoidable, but your organisation need to react instantly to mitigate and manage the fallout.

Whether your organisation chooses to outsource or insource digital forensic capabilities, it is inevitable for having to deal with cybercrime. Your organisation may experience cyber-enabled fraud and theft, insider threats, or attacks on its network and systems. Your cyber security team need to be equipped with skills and industry-specific standard processes to investigate cybercrime incidents.

How to respond to cyber incidents effectively and professionally

Our Incident Response and Forensics (IRF) training courses provide you with the cutting-edge techniques to be proactive rather than reactive in your response to cyber incidents. Our courses are career-focused, designed to equip you with the skills to effectively and professionally respond to and investigate criminal cyber activity.