Cyber Awareness and Safety (CAS)

Untrained Employees Can Weaken Cyber Security Efforts at Your Organisation

With cybercriminals constantly coming up with sophisticated and complex approaches, untrained employees become more of a security threat than ever. Investing in cyber security technologies and skills is not sufficient to guard your organisation against cyber attacks. It can take a single human error to compromise your organisation’s data and IT infrastructure.

We can help derive a cyber security culture in your organisation

Research has demonstrated that cyber security technologies and processes alone will not be enough to safeguard your organisation. Cyber security efforts need to be complemented by a comprehensive awareness training programme.

Our Cyber Awareness and Safety (CAS) training courses have been developed to improve staff engagement and change their online behaviour to accomplish a sustained security awareness. Our CAS courses are interactive and engaging. They are designed to be delivered in bite-size chunks making it easier for learners to maximise value. We believe in ‘No One Size Fits All’ and our courses can be designed and tailored to each department or sector.